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Our History

Alpha Delta & Washburn University

Then in the late spring of 1912, a group of young men met on a top floor of Rice Hall. They were in discussions to create a new fraternity on the Washburn campus.  They had been called there that night, as several times before, by a group of men from University of Kansas who wanted to extend their national fraternity Sigma Phi Sigma to Washburn.


Soon after that meeting, the founders decided they didn't like the binds of the national fraternity.  They wanted their fraternity future to be decided by the members themselves and they considered the other fraternities too exclusive.  They adopted the name “Alpha Delta” to stand for “Always Democratic”. The Alpha Delts chose to remain a Local Fraternity always and forever bound their future to Washburn University. Alpha Delts take on positions of leadership on and off campus to ensure the well being of  Washburn University. 


The current home at 1919 MacVicar was built in the 1890's by a Topeka-area doctor, Dr. Forest Loveland.  Alpha Delta purchased the house in the spring of 1969, and after some upgrades occupied the house in 1970.  The house has gone through three significant upgrade and renovation projects over the years to make it the modern facility members enjoy today.

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