• American Diabetes Association

    The American Diabetes Association is the beneficiary of Alpha Delta's philanthropy efforts. We have chosen ADA as our philanthropy in recognition of this growing disease among American youth and adults. 


    In 2005, we began a bi-annual event with our next door neighbors, Delta Gamma sorority. Every fall semester, we host the ADA Skateaway to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association and increase awareness for this growing disease. Please check out their website here.


    KTWU - Public Broadcasting Television


    In addition to our efforts with the American Diabetes Association, we also volunteer with a Washburn-operated public television station. KTWU offers public programming but requires donation funding to keep their materials current and relavant. We volunteer with numerous pledge drives to assist KTWU with their fundraising efforts. KTWU's Lights, Camera, Auction! is a popular fundraiser they host that Alpha Delta participates in annually, more information can be found here.



    American Diabetes Association