Through our tradition and values, the Alpha Delta Fraternity is focused on supporting each member to become his own “Best Self”. We work together to promote each brother’s true potential and achieve their own highest expectations. These characteristics make up the Alpha Delta Difference:


    Academics and Campus Leadership:
    Over 100 years of history and values center on academics and campus leadership. More Alpha Delts have been Student Body Presidents and more Washburn Trustees are Alpha Delts than any other fraternity.


    We Chart our Own Future:

    Being a local fraternity, we answer to no “National Chapter”. Our motto “Always Democratic” for over 100 years means we govern our own house, make our own rules, and act on our decisions in a fashion central to our values.

    Highest Quality Housing at Lowest Cost:
    Alpha Delts enjoy one of the most modern and convenient housing solutions at Washburn. We own our own home, pay no “National Dues”, “Pledge Fees” or other “hidden charges and offer the very best quality for the lowest cost


    High standards to Maintain a Positive Reputation:

    We follow a strict Code of Conduct built on a creed of “14 Pearls”: Loyalty, Purity, Honesty, Morality, Temperance, Democracy, Friendship, Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship, Unselfishness, Helpfulness, Trust, Fidelity.

    Leadership Program for New Members:
    Our New Member Leadership Program is our “on-ramp” for our new members coming to Washburn. It consists of an introduction program about the university and traditions, public service projects, and other activities that allow a new member to “rapidly assimilate” into Washburn collegiate life and build the foundation for friendship and leadership on campus and beyond.

    Brotherhood and Friendship is Core:

    Alpha Delts form an extremely tight bond of friendship and brotherhood, and we choose our new members with that in mind. The Alpha Delta Purpose for over 100 years has been built on the commitment to work for “the betterment of each individual member”, and this sense of unity is core to who we are.


    Responsible and Fun Social Life:

    The learnings outside the classroom are often as valuable as in the classroom, and Alpha Delta fraternity members are well-rounded and respected in their social activities. The Alpha Delta tradition is rich for its mature and cultured weekend social life. Alpha Delta’s Social Memberships enable non-housed members to enjoy access to all its events and most housing amenities.

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