About Us

  • Our organization was founded at Washburn University in 1912 on the principles of independence and autonomy. We remain committed to those ideals, as individuals and as a fraternity, and recognize them as an integral part of the strength of our community. We all share the responsibilities of maintaining this independence, and enjoy the prosperity associated with it.

    Alpha Delta is one of the oldest fraternities at Washburn University and one of the most established local fraternities in the nation. Our membership includes students with different academic studies ranging from criminal justice and business to music performance. We strive for collegiate excellence in order to secure a prosperous professional career. 


    Membership in Alpha Delta is for life. Upon graduation, members are inducted into our Alumni Association where they are exposed to a network of professional mentors and colleagues. This network of brothers helps members transition from their collegiate to professional careers.


    At Alpha Delta, you will acquire the skills necessary to become successful in college and the years that follow. While membership is selective, we invite you to learn more about our fraternity of men to find out if Alpha Delta is right for you.



    University President Dr Jerry Farley is an annual dinner guest at the Fraternity house.